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About CitiQuiet

Please take a moment to learn more about CitiQuiet and its unique 20 year History.

From its founding as a custom window installation company in 1992 in New York City, to its rise as the leading designer and manufacturer of soundproof windows, CitiQuiet Corporation is a company where "Innovation" is part of its core history. The CitiQuiet story is one of change and innovation inspired by customer needs, from the company founder's first solution to improve the quality of life for a friend with a new born not sleeping due to a very noisy bedroom, to its new breakthroughs in soundproof window design and manufacturing. Today, the CitiQuiet® brand is the most recognized and most used brand in the soundproof window market. Builders, remodelers and homeowners know CitiQuiet as the brand leader. Its commitment to product excellence and innovation, combined with a commitment to customer satisfaction has built CitiQuiet into the foremost manufacturer of soundproof windows and sliding doors worldwide.

CitiQuiet Headquarters

CitiQuiet is a privately owned business that was founded in 1992 by Michael Lentin in Long Island City, New York, where CitiQuiet's founder was installing windows throughout New York and the Tri State area. After a friend complained of his child not sleeping in his noisy bedroom, Michael Lentin started brainstorming on how to help him. His solution was to design a custom window that would fit inside the existing window, which would allow the user to use both the existing window and the soundproof window to work together to eliminate the unwanted city noises in his friend's bedroom. While at the same time not needing any permission from building management or permits to complete the task. The result was a very relieved and calm friend who now could sleep at night as did his child.

As friends of Michael's found out about the success of this new design in soundproof window technology, more and more individuals and businesses alike started turning to Michael and CitiQuiet to alleviate their individual unwanted noise problems. Many of them had already tried commercial window solutions but either the cost of the reconstruction or the ineffective results they would obtain kept them from proceeding with elimination of the noise. CitiQuiet was able to provide a cost effective, and quick solution with each of the installations.

The CitiQuiet product line offers a plethora of soundproof technologies combined to provide soundproof and energy efficient designs in a full range of sizes. For builders and homeowners seeking full soundproofing, CitiQuiet Windows offers custom glass thicknesses for both residential and commercial market segments. CitiQuiet Windows offer standard white and bronze colors plus a broad range of color options and the availability of custom glass thicknesses and industry-leading performance features.

The CitiQuiet product line also offers Starfire and Laminated glass while concentrating on the most popular sizes, styles and options in a more affordable offering. The entire CitiQuiet product line offers beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and of course superior soundproofing. Creating a soundproof window that provides a better quality of life for residential and commercial clients alike, CitiQuiet begins with a complimentary in-home / in office consultation. CitiQuiet specialists help design the perfect custom-made soundproof windows for homes, and then professionally installs them for optimal soundproofing performance. Its unlimited warranty backs both its products and its work.

CitiQuiet manufactures its products with an environmentally conscious approach by making use of recycled materials as well as recycling all waste materials. Recycling, minimizes consumption of raw materials and provides tremendous reduction to green house gasses. Citquiet's commitment to environmental friendly manufacturing is deeply rooted in our corporate culture.

Dedicated to giving back to the community CitiQuiet has a long history of philanthropy. Today corporate focuses on supporting both small grass roots charities as well as international organizations, ranging from The American Cancer Society, to The Heather On Earth Music Foundation benefiting sick children at their hospital beds. CitiQuiet's greatest support is for organizations working to cure organ failure, while supporting organ donation education for children as well as adults.