Soundproof Windows in New York City

What Makes CitiQuiet's Soundproofing Windows the Perfect Solution for Soundproofing a Room?

  • An effective sound barrier eliminating up to 95% of existing noise
  • CitiQuiet Windows are installed into the existing window opening
  • Soundproofing windows does not require any alteration or construction to your present windows
  • They are fully operable and completely removable
  • No building approval required
  • Offers a 99% reduction in dirt and drafts
  • Also energy efficient, windows by CitiQuiet provide thermal, moisture and humidity control
  • Promote quality of life, productivity, and a lower stress level
  • Add market value to your property
  • Enjoy 100% satisfaction guarantee
Provide Relief from Temporary and Permanent Noise Conditions

In cities throughout the world, CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows provide serenity to those confronted with temporary and permanent noise conditions.

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Have you been suffering day and night from outside noises like garbage trucks, car alarms, airplanes, sirens, construction, fire trucks, loud music, people shouting, horns, and barking dogs?

Is your child's sleep being interrupted by harsh sounds leaving them frightened and unable to rest comfortably, and keeping you awake?

Are your employees too distracted by outside noises to be able to work effectively and be 100% productive?

CitiQuiet, a leading manufacturer and expert in soundproofing windows, offers the ultimate answer to your noise pollution problems...THE SOUNDPROOF WINDOW!

We have installed tens of thousands of custom made interior energy efficient windows in apartments, homes, offices, recording studios, schools, hospitals and hotels.

Ever wondered how to soundproof windows? Our Engineering and Product Development Department can design the best product for any situation, from a one bedroom window to the 250 windows installed at the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

As an industry leader, we offer a wide range of soundproofing options for each client. Before we install soundproofing for your windows, choose from a variety of glass treatments that cater to your thermal and noise elimination needs. We have 1/8", 1/4", 1/4" laminated, 3/8", 3/8" laminated, 1/2", 1/2" laminated, 1", and 1" laminated glass. You can choose any of these and have it clear, SuperClear (Starfire), Low E, or tinted in the color of your choice.

Ask How You Can Receive Energy Tax Credits

Aside from our soundproof window treatments, we also offer custom made, hurricane safe impact windows that are designed to withstand all conditions and complement different styles. Decide on the thickness of the glass, and choose from different frame materials, such as aluminum, vinyl, or wood.

Our Interior Soundproof Window System, affectionately nicknamed Silent Windows, is a leader in noise elimination, providing soundproofing for windows that is used and recommended by recording studios in New York City, Los Angeles and throughout the nation.

CitiQuiet Windows has an extensive product lineup of interior and replacement aluminum windows and doors composed of several styles: double-hungs, sliders, casement, hinged, tilt and turn, awning, fixed, architectural, landmark and more.

Building Green? Let our specialists explain to you how soundproof windows and low-e glazing can increase energy efficiency and help you obtain points for LEED certification.

Ask how you can receive ENERGY TAX CREDITS with our CitiQuiet Energy Efficient Windows.

Since 1992, CitiQuiet Windows has been soundproofing windows and providing products that are still being used extensively in suburban and city installations to reduce and eliminate unwanted noise.

Working in conjunction with your existing windows, CitiQuiet soundproofing treatments and windows can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, conference rooms, and a whole host of applications. Not only are CitiQuiet Windows the most widely known soundproof windows in the industry, they are manufactured to superior standards and carry a 100% satisfaction warranty.